december #1

December #1 winter mode Winter is dark and long in Finland. Back in the days I just never touched my camera during winter. No light, no inspiration. Over the years I have changed my whole game. I kind of enjoy the darkness nowadays. Shooting is challenging and you really need to be creative, but the […]

november #3

November #3 early bird Last weekend I had a shoot with this hummer. Decided to do something different and get up early before sunrise, even though I am not really a morning person. I believe that it was worth of sacrifising my opportunity to sleep in. Viime viikonloppuna oli hummerin kuvaus. Päätin ottaa itseäni niskasta […]

november #2

November #2 Winter is coming And so is the darkness. All the pretty autumn leaves are gone and all we have left is just this grey darkness. The amount of sunlight is decreasing and it makes it so damn easy not to grab your camera and just stay inside. But I got a few cool […]